Automotive Parts

  • DAIDO DU Bush, Engine Bearing (Japan)
    The Daido Metal Group is known worldwide as the world's number one "plain bearing manufacturer" focusing on the automotive market but supplying all industries; as a world leader in tribology (friction, wear and lubrication); and as a supplier of products with top level appeal, becoming a global company with 17 sites across 13 countries.
  • NPR Piston Ring, Liner, Valve (Japan)
    Manufacturing/sales of production/replacement parts for automobile, marine and land engines, such parts as piston rings, cylinder liners, and valve train parts (composite camshafts, valve seat inserts, and valve locker arms). Building on its accumulations of tribological technology and experience, we have been moving into products other than engine parts, such as compressor parts for household electric appliances and parts for industrial machinery.
  • ART Piston (Japan)
    Pistons and piston pins for various kinds of internal combustion engines.
  • NPP Piston
    Pistons and piston pins for gasoline and diesel engines.
  • MAHLE IZUMI Piston (Japan)
    Aluminum pistons for gasoline and diesel engines, articulated and steel pistons for commercial vehicle engines, piston assemblies, and complete power cell modules.
  • CHERRY Gasket (Japan)
    Concentrating on its high-performance, epoch-making steel-laminated gaskets, also continues to offer new sealing systems.
  • SANWA Gasket (Japan)
    Production of various gaskets and packings for automobiles, agricultural machinery, airplanes, ships, petrochemical plants and industrial machinery.
  • NPP Gasket
    Gasket for gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Other Automotive Parts
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Building Materials

  • Crane Copper Tube (Australia)
    Crane Copper Tube has an international reputation as an innovative, dependable and high quality producer. The company, which is wholly Australian owned, commenced operations in 1959 with a commitment to the customer and a desire to remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology - a philosophy which continues today. The result is a world class manufacturing facility at Penrith, New South Wales, which is able to satisfy individual customer requirements in a global market.
  • NIBCO Copper Fitting (USA)
    With more than 100 years of experience, NIBCO® products are used in residential, commercial construction, industrial and irrigation markets, worldwide.
    PEX tubing is widely used in residential plumbing applications. PEX-AL-PEX pipes, or AluPEX, or PEX/Aluminum/PEX, are made of a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of PEX. The metal layer serves as an oxygen barrier, stopping the oxygen diffusion through the polymer matrix, so it cannot dissolve into the water in the tube and corrode the metal components of the system. The aluminium layer is thin, typically 1 or 2 mm, and provides some rigidity to the tube such that when bent it retains the shape formed (normal PEX tube will spring back to straight). The aluminium layer also provides additional structural rigidity such that the tube will be suitable for higher safe operating temperatures and pressures.